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Dr Joyce Block the creative block doctor helping writers become master level mentoring
Hello, at last we meet.
A Doctor for Budding Artists, Writers, Seekers & Visionaries
The Cross Fertilization of Life and Art 

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Pursuing your passions?   Starting or finishing creative projects

The Creative Block Doctor has a cure for all that.​ I'll help you find the part of you that can get it done. 

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Individuals from companies and organizations have enjoyed the professional and personal rewards from working with the
Creative Block Doctor

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“I found my work with Joyce to
be incredibly powerful for
freeing up my creative juices.
Its benefits continue to reverberate
in my work --and play--20 years later.”

- Lane Lenard,Ph.D.
"Joyce is a gifted communicator whose
ability to shift stuck patterns got me moving. If I had only known my psychological triggers BEFORE I made decisions, my life could have taken some different turns."

-Diana Langowski, Author,
Interior Design, NJ

Creative Blocks: Transforming Problems into Solutions

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"Joyce is tuned in on all channels as a counselor, coach, poet and writer. She hears and speaks in a true human voice."

- Robert Carroll, M.D., Psychiatrist, Writer, Slam Poet Team
Los Angeles, CA

Meet Dr. Joyce Block, The Creative Block Doctor and an award winning writer & mentor.

It's incredibly difficult to get anything done when you're having a massive creative block.
Trust me. I know.
How do you know if you're having a creative block? Well...

Ever hear a voice that says, "I can't do it"?

Whether in art or in life, creative blocks can shut you down if you don't know how to use them.
You're probably tired of lying awake at night going in endless circles.

I offer some radical interventions to break open your creative blocks and uncover their purpose.
I'll help you get out of your own way, no matter how long you've been stuck.    

Life Stories, Creative Non-fiction, Books, Legacies, Adventure Memoirs


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Unearth your inherent writing abilities

Do people tell you that "Your life is amazing. You should write a book, blog or memoir"? Well, you can and more easily than you think. 
My original writing process is founded upon the principles of my Visual Somapoem Process™, a multi-media, multi-sensory technique that helps you to write naturally. We go beyond the stilted and restrictive methods you learned in English class.  

We access your inner voice, the pictures in your head, and the feelings your experience as you see/hear your story. We bring back the deep riches that live in the underground of your being. 
"We have no art.
Everything we do is art."
The Balinese
The Mobile Mentor   Master-Level Mentoring  Personal, Creative and Professional 

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Master-level coaching right when you need it

The Mobile Mentor is an afforbale & convenient
way to intervene on your own behalf.

Help when you need it.
- Words to say when yours are frozen
- Intervention before you say or do something impulsively to undermine yourself
- Next steps to take when you're at an impasse 
- A channel to talk to someone for minutes or for hours

Who is the Creative Block Doctor?
With a doctorate in Educational Leadership and a Masters in Human Development, I have the credentials and experience to lead you to a life of creative meaning through finding your true mission and living it. 

Educational Leadership

Human Development

Known for
passion-driven guidance.... 

Award Winning Writer


      Don't take my word for it...

“Joyce Block’s process blends subtle transpersonal skills with modern communication tools to reveal to client/participant the deep issues that influence cooperation, communication, and group performance. The outcome - through candor, tears, and laughter-is both an achievement of both team goals and high levels of personal satisfaction."
"It is striking how well this works.”

-Michael Schneider, Creative Director, NY,NY
"Everything was easier because I had a seasoned guide with skills, compassion, resources and faith in the eventual wisdom buried in my life crises. 
She was there when I needed her."

- Liz Congdon, Baptist Minister, NJ
"Even though Joyce wasn't there physically, she was still holding me, next to me.
I was able to get all the support and hope I needed during a painful situation."

- Ana Martinez, M.S.W., CA

One of the principles that my work is founded on is creating from conflict:
turning the very problem you are experiencing into a piece of the solution.

This is a unique approach in the transition from focusing only
on one piece of the problem to looking at the whole.
Learn to honor your struggle so that the wisdom that lies within
he problem is brought into the light. 
”All sorrows can be borne if you put them into a story” - Boris Cyrulnik 
     This will become evident to you in the writing and mentoring services I offer.

In fact, this process of creating from conflict led me to the creation of my award winning children's book, Sunbird.
It was the creation borne from a painful experience. 
As Dr. Carl Rogers wrote, "What is most personal is most universal."
You will transform your struggle into a heroic jouney that will resonate with many. You'll be surprised that your personal
issues are connected with so many other well-lived lives. 


​  30+ Years of Experience
"I love to work with exceptional people - brave learners -
who can take a leap of faith.

We collaborate so you can create a new 
lifework narrative from your so called "messy" life.




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