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in many worlds...

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Anti-Aging Magazine

...from corporate work, to the art world, to rehab facilities, to teaching in urban, suburban, university settings, to the professional training of executives & psychologists, to leadership in religious, educational, and not-for-profit communities, to one-on-one-mentoring of learners from 5 to 85, to co-birthing an anti-aging business.

I was motivated to adapt to all of these professional venues because I longed to have a  professional independence -forging my career under my own professional steam. I had been fortunate enough to have had the “blessing" of parents who chose family over becoming rich and absent” so wealth was not my driving force. My parents encouraged me to be an explorer/learner and to create ways to be entrepreneurial starting at age 8. Some of these entrepreneurial adventures in the early years included: selling Christmas cards with my sister from a cart my daddy made, creating and selling my own brand of cards(Esoteric Creations), to delivering phone books, to grocery checker, to babysitting, to giving advice to the many people who would give me a small donation, to selling ice cream on the beach in Martha’s Vineyard, and waitressing in an all-night diner while I was doing my graduate work. What I learned is that every job was the same at the core. It was about people - helping them to fulfill their goals, no matter how lofty or little.

Professional Arenas:

Some of these included being a professor in the Graduate School of Human Development, Fairleigh Dickinson University as well as 5 other universities; a Creative Team-Building Consultant for Lucent, AT&T; a Child Study & Human Development Consultant for The Franciscan Ecumenical Order; a consultant in The Project for Intercultural Development; Co-Creator of The High Land Institute; and Co-founder of Life Services and Life Enhancement Products.

I have counseled families, children, couples and individuals in the areas of: relationships, parenting, career changes, loss, creative projects, artist development, and issues concerning identity.

So that I could be an on-hands parent, I chose to determine my own hours as much as possible. The period in which I was a working parent led me to work on many projects simulotaneously.  These included writing for 2 national health magazines, the most recent of which is Life Enhancement. I have also worked as Educational Consultant for The High Land Institute , a child/family-centered organization we created.  There I trained psychologists, worked with families, and taught The Visual Somapoem Process™ to individuals and families.  Clients created and preformed multimedia presentations of their lives.

My work appears in print and multimedia performances that have been performed at conferences as “Edu-tainment”.
Currently, I am writing my second book, an adventure memoir, about dogged persistence in the face of loss.

Publications, Awards, Keynotes:

"The Time of our Lives: Late Life Parents, Millenial Children", Journal for Creative Change, 1991
"There's Always Something Else"; "Beyond the Yellow Door", Rattle:Poetry Medicine Edition, 1997
Sunbird, Writer and Illustrator, One Word Publishing, 2014
"A Human Perspective on a Visionary Mind", Life Enhancement Magazine, 2014
"Exercise Your Brain", Life Enhancement Magazine, on-going

Multimedia Keynotes: 
​Performed through the U.S. and Canada at psychological and educational conferences, sports events, and art venues from New York City to The Abraham Rattner Studio in Sag Harbor, N.Y.
Awards: Dimensions: Grant recipient for collaborative learning for high and low performing student learners;  
N.I.E.A.  (National Indie Excellence Award) for Sunbird, in the category of Inspirational Children's Books 2015

Some of my own Mentors:

Because I was an out-of-the-box, misunderstood learner, I took a multi-disciplinary approach to educating myself through trial and error.  I was determined to learn, even if I had to find my own way.  Once I went to the West Village in New York City, and knocked on the door of a desired mentor. Surprisingly, my "chosen" teacher opened the door. I told her how much I wanted to study with her - imploring  her to take me on. Ilana Rubenfeld, well-known for her innovative approach to healing, said "Yes"!

Ilana Rubenfeld, creator of the Rubenfeld Synergy Method, came to be an "outside professor' in my independent study doctoral course. I was to study, travel, and even ghostwrite an article for her. Our collaboration lasted for many years. So never be afraid to ask. 

As a result of choosing my own teachers, I studied with many who were doing original work.The unintentional consequences of these choices were numerous. They resulted in discovering novel techniques of communication and connection that not only reached me, but reached all kinds of out-of-the-box, unrecognized creative learners.   Each teacher provided a pathway and perspective to access the many cognitive and emotional "rainbows" inherent in the creative learning process. 

Below is a list of some of the teachers with whom I was lucky enough to study.  Reading their books, as well as being in their presence helped me be the best I could be.

- Dr. Ira Progoff, At a Journal Workshop; Jung, Synchronicity and Human Destiny
Dr. Akhter Ashen, PsychEye; Manhunt in the Desert
- Dr. Julia Weber Gordon, My Country School Diary
- Ilana Rubenfeld, The Listening Hand: Self-Healing Through the Rubenfeld Synergy Method of Talk and Touch
- Robert Carroll, M.D., Finding the Words to Say: The Healing Power of Poetry; Our Nervous Friends
- Dr.Nathaniel Branden, The Power of Self-Esteem; Honoring the Self
-Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw, Life Extension: A Practical Scientific Approach; Freedom of Informed Choice: FDA vs Nutrient  Supplements; Life Extension Companion; Life Extension News
- Dr. Clark Moustakas, Loneliness
-Paul C. Lounsbury, M.S.W. & Nancy Winston, M.S.W., Medical Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming

I believe that a multi-disciplinary approach is necessary to find inroads to communication and connection to all kinds of learners.

That's why I have expanded my background disciplines to include the appropriate pathways and perspectives to access your learning and communication style. 

After many misguided forays into blind trust, I have learned to QUEST-ion authority. So don’t just take my word alone. 

Here’s what my clients say:

As far as I'm concerned Joyce is the best. She is there for you when you need her - whether it's in business, personal growth or education. She helps you meet your goals. When working with her, I feel inspired, energized and motivated to move forward.

Stevi Lischin, Ph.D, Co-founder, Project for Intercultural Development, NJ

When I look at my life through my writing, it's like visiting my friends and family in another time zone. I realize how living through life's difficulties has helped us all grow closer. I'm so glad I have it all down in my writing, so when my children and grandchildren are older, they will know me in another way.
Diana Quackenbush Langowski, Children's Book Illustrator, Interior Design, NJ

Dr. Joyce Block’s counseling and training process enabled me to take a more creative and authoratative role as a Member of the Board of Directors of my company.
Christine Andersen, Andersen Windows Company,  MN

Your work with us was like the compost and soil and now we're ready to blossom.
Maddie Hunter,Team Effectiveness Consultant ,Lucent Technology, NJ
Found elsewhere in Website:

Joyce helped me enormously with the groundwork of creating a work of art of which I could be proud - as it came from a place of passion; from deeply held ideas. The groundwork involved activities that were easily accessible to me and brought me to the larger ideas of the collage I was creating. I didn’t have to circuitously obsess about the idea itself first, which would always keep me stuck. I didn’t have to have a beginning, middle, and end which seemed counterintuitive to what I learned in school.  I didn’t have to worry about where I was. The idea organically emerged from the pieces, connecting them to the larger concepts I was creating. It was so much more enjoyable to work this way which made me want to do more. 
Joyce heard what I was saying. She would pick up on what I was wanting to express that was still on an unconscious level.  There was no wrong turn as myriad of things were possible. This process changed my whole way of thinking that went far beyond my art.
 Judy Wise, Ed.D., Multi-media Artist, Organizational Development Consultant, Bell Labs, NJ

When I look at my life through my writing, it's like visiting my friends and family in another time zone. I realize how living through life's difficulties has helped us all grow closer. I'm so glad I have it all down in my writing, so when my children and grandchildren are older, they will know me in another way."
Diana Quckenbush Langowski, Children's Book Illustrator, Interior Design, NJ

"Everything was easier because I had a seasoned guide with skills, compassion, resources and faith in the eventual wisdom buried in my life crises. She was there when I most needed her."
Rev. Liz B.Congdon(Ret.), NJ

Dr. Joyce is an innovative, creative and sensitive coach and collaborator who thinks & quotes outside the box and who is both brilliant and intuitive in her approach to working with people. She has been a powerful and supportive ally, witness and guide for me in the areas of both personal and professional development and has a deep appreciation for the relationship between the two. I recommend her to anyone who is seeking an intelligent and insightful professional mentor whose skills and humanity are woven into every aspect of her work.
Claire Niemiste, Fine Gardener, Intuitive Healer at Riversong, CA 

Joyce is a gifted communicator whose ability to shift stuck patterns got me moving. If I had only known my psychological triggers BEFORE I made a decision, my life could have taken a different turn.
Diana Quackenbush Langowski, Children’s Book Illustrator, Interior Designer, NJ

Even though she wasn’t really there physically, she was still holding me, next to me. I was able to get all the support and hope I needed  during a painful situation.
Ana Martinez, M.S.W., CA

Joyce is tuned in on all channels as a counselor, coach, and poet. She hears and speaks in a true human voice.
Robert Carroll, M.D., The Healing Power of Poetry,CA

Joyce Block is like fine wine... worth waiting for! She wastes no time going to the heart of the matter. 
If you are lost, she will find you.  I consider Joyce Block integral to the unfolding of my life. Waste no more time ... go to the best!
Caroline Muir, Divine Feminine Founder, The Art of Conscious Loving; Tantric Goddess, NV


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