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I help people, just like you, get out of their own way so they can write that book, memoir or story, even if they swear they can't write.​

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Dr. Joyce Block provided quick and creative coaching by phone to assist me in untangling a writing project in which I had become immobilized. I was re-inspired and my vision clear again about what I wanted to say.

I moved my project from the dusty shelf to completion with her help in less than two days.

Holly Seerley, MA, MFT, President of the Board at Star Academy, Ca.
Writing Adventures include: 

Poetry, children's books, memoirs, adventure memoirs,
blogs, creative non-ficton & multimedia keynote

People tell me, "I want to write my life story, but I can't write,"

So I tell them, "Now write that down. Write those exact words." 

The way I think about it is,
 if you can speak, you can write. 

 Most of us have the whole thing backwards. 

You don't write the story, the story writes you.

You'll tune into your authentic being following that inner-voice, those internal pictures,

and visceral sensations with your pen.

You already have most of the pieces and I'll help you find them.

It's like tying up one part of your consciousness so that another part can come out and play. 

Soon you'll forget you can't write, because you'll be writing.
Everyone has something to write about. Even if you're writing about how you can't write.

I'll hold the light so you can write your way through the caverns of doubt,
so you can write what is authentically you.

That's how you:

   Find your story 

Tell your story

Celebrate your story

           An Artist’s View of How Dr. Block’s Process Works
Joyce helped me enormously with the groundwork of creating a work
of art of which I could be proud - as it came from a place of passion;
from deeply held ideas.

The groundwork involved activities that were
easily accessible to me and brought me to the larger ideas of the
collage I was creating.

I didn’t have to circuitously obsess about the
idea itself first, which would always keep me stuck. I didn’t have to
have a beginning, middle, and end which seemed counterintuitive to what I'd been taught in school. I didn't have to worry about where I was. The
idea organically emerged from the pieces, connecting them to the
larger concepts I was creating. It was so much more enjoyable to work
this way which made me want to do more.
Joyce heard what I was saying.

She would pick up on what I was
wanting to express that was still on an unconscious level.

There was no
wrong turn as a myriad of things were possible. This process changed my
whole way of thinking that went far beyond my art.

Judy Wise, Ed.D, Multi-Media Artist,             Organizational Dev.Consultant,
                       Bell Labs, NJ

               Rapunzel Babe              

How You Can Use Writer's Block Itself to  Write

The Tai Chi of Writing
Call me for a 30 minute complimentary consultation explaining why we get writer's block, how to use it to discover authentic fluidity,and how to keep moving along.


Helping you discover your authentic voice with love
​and encouragement.

Dorothea L Killian, called Fifi since birth, was a clown and puppeteer. She studied Mime in NYC. A graduate of Brookdale in theatre and visual art she likes everything and everybody. She did a play there in her underwear and learned to talk Shakespearian-like back in the seventies. Her poems have been published and she is writing her first novella, BRUCIE'S NOTEBOOK: A story based on one of her housemates, Bruce Springsteen, getting his notebook stolen after a concert in Long Branch NJ in 1971.

"I am deeply fortunate to study with Dr. Joyce Block. She is an immeasurably gifted writer, communicator and teacher. For years I kept saying give me an Erikson… a Campbell! Oh,Dr. Block is so much more!”

Kathryn Keats, Musician/Writer/Speaker SAG/Aftra/BMI/AEA  

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- Express yourself in ways you've only dreamed of discovering just how amazingly fulfilling writing feels

- Receive guidance from a compassionate and gifted mentor who will help you set free the hero in you

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